JSON files for Hearthstone

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The API is available at api.hearthstonejson.com/v1/

The files are all in JSON format, encoded in UTF-8 and categorized by build, then by locale.

The /v1/latest/ endpoint redirects (302) to whichever build is the latest one.

All files are automatically converted from the game files, made available in the hs-data repository.

Card objects

See full card documentation.

Example card:

Leeroy Jenkins

	"id": "EX1_116",
	"dbfId": 559,
	"name": "Leeroy Jenkins",
	"text": "<b>Charge</b>. <b>Battlecry:</b> Summon two 1/1 Whelps for your opponent.",
	"flavor": "At least he has Angry Chicken.",
	"artist": "Gabe from Penny Arcade",
	"attack": 6,
	"cardClass": "NEUTRAL",
	"collectible": true,
	"cost": 5,
	"elite": true,
	"faction": "ALLIANCE",
	"health": 2,
	"mechanics": [
	"rarity": "LEGENDARY",
	"set": "EXPERT1",
	"type": "MINION"

Card art

See full card art and render documentation



The card art and render API is now officially available!


  • playerClass has been renamed cardClass. Both properties are still available, but the former will be removed in an upcoming patch.
  • The cardback API is no longer supported, as almost nobody was using it.
  • Support for the dust property has been dropped as it is not reliable.
  • New property: referencedTags. This works exactly like mechanics, except that it contains tags which are referenced rather than directly set on the card (for example: Mad Scientist references SECRET).
  • TREASURE has been renamed to DISCOVER.
  • New property: hideStats (boolean)


The game files have greatly changed for the Gadgetzan patch. Some of the data may have changed in unexpected ways.

  • New property: multiClassGroup. Currently, this can be GRIMY_GOONS, JADE_LOTUS or KABAL.
  • New property: classes. This is a list of classes, which is only included when the card is available for multiple classes. Note that the playerClass is usually NEUTRAL for multi-class cards.
  • New property: collectionText. Some cards, most notably Jade Golem cards, have multiple card texts: A generic one (for the collection) and a formatted version, with {} placeholders. The collectionText property is the generic version of the description.
  • The textInPlay property is no longer supported as it is no longer used.

Changes since legacy API

  • Website:
    • New website style and theme!
    • API now has its own subdomain and is served with HTTPS
    • API is now versioned (/v1/)
    • Separate output for each build. /v1/latest/ will always give you the latest build.
    • Locales are now generated into their own directory
    • Zip support has been removed in favour of server compression
  • Cards:
    • CardSet separation has been removed as it was largely unused
    • Tags are not localized anymore (mostly this just means uppercased)
    • Created separate “collectible” set
    • Added individual set and targetingArrowText properties
    • Added some more mechanics (forgetful, treasure…)
    • Added entourage property
    • Added playRequirements property
    • Added dust property
  • Card backs:
    • Added more properties from the DBF


HearthstoneJSON is a HearthSim project and is available on GitHub.