art.hearthstonejson.com - Image API

HearthstoneJSON includes a full image API for all the cards in the game.

You are free to use this API without restrictions, but we ask that you avoid direct embedding on high-traffic websites, and instead re-host the images. You may also generate them yourself with the game files; the scripts are available here.

If you intend to use HearthstoneJSON for commercial purposes, please contact us at contact@hearthsim.net, we’d love to hear from you.

Card art

Cards are indexed by CardID (eg. EX1_001).

Base URLs:


The orig section provides the original, lossless image in PNG format Note that although most card art is 512x512 resolution, that is not always consistent and some cards have even been known not to be square at times (eg. 512x256). Using orig is not recommended unless you absolutely need lossless images.

256x/, 512x/

The 256x and 512x paths offer the full card art, guaranteed to be in 256x256 or 512x512 resolution, respectively. Art files are available in JPG (.jpg) and WebP (.webp) formats. Examples:

Card tiles

When a card is placed in a deck, Hearthstone displays a special rectangular thumbnail of the image. The coordinates for the cut are not consistent across different cards, but are instead embedded in the Unity assets.

HearthstoneJSON includes a pre-cut repository of card tiles available in 256x59 PNG (.png), JPG (.jpg) and WebP (.webp) formats. Examples:

Card renders

Rendering a Hearthstone card is not a simple process. This is why we have Sunwell, a library that renders Hearthstone cards to Canvas.

Using Sunwell in the browser however is overkill if all you need is an simple in-collection render. HearthstoneJSON includes in-collection prerenders for all renderable cards (Minions, Spells, Weapons, Heroes), in all available Hearthstone languages.

URL structure: